Montag, 4. April 2016

Four weeks until the INDIANS will come to GERMANY | 25th april - 6th may 2016

four weeks until the Indians will visit Germany!
Really exciting.

We plan that we will visit the Museum HNF, three old-age homes, two castles ("Wewelsburg""and "Schloss Neuhaus") and that we'll participate a dancing lesson with german standart dance.
It will be so funny;P
Than we will make two girls night out where we will go bowling, eat pizza and just spend time together...

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2015


Well, we all are back in Germany from this amazing trip to India. It was just awesome to see such a different world: celebrate the Festival "Durga Puja", eat indian food, visit many temples, ride an elephant and make a lot of friends of another country.

We really enjoyed the 8 hour flight to Delhi because of our excitement to get our exchange students to know. Moreover, the students of Convent of Jesus and Mary School welcomed us friendly with flovers.

The first days weren't really easy because of the hot weather in India we aren't used in Germany, the different family situations, their morals, the food which was oftenly too spicy for us as Germans.
But simultaneously it was exciting! We visited the gorgeous Humayuns Tomb, the Lotus Temple, Aksharham Temple, a ghandi museum and different malls.
We also went some hours the day to school with our exchange students where we learned an Indian Dance, made yoga and completed our project work. For that, we visited two old-age homes like "The Golden Estate".

The climax of our travel to India was the weekend trip to Jaipur and Agra. We had to drive around 5 hours to arrvie our first aim JAIPUR. In the evening we went to an artifically created village. There we had dinner and visited the little marked.
The next day started with the delicious breakfast in our hostel. After that, we went to ride the elephants. It was such a crazy feeling! Furthermore, the animals were so pretty and exciting.  We took a lot of pictures with them and enjoyed a lot.
Then, our group visited the "Agra Fort". To arrive that, we had to drive with an 50-years-old van without any doors. Funny advanture! The view there was just awesome but unfortunatly it was too hot so that we couldn't enjoy it enough.
After, we went to a market and we all were so excited to go shopping there! Everybody bought individual thinks like jelwery or clothes. The day ended with driving to AGRA.
Like in Jaipur, the day started with our hotel breakfast. Then we visited the TAJ MAHAL!!!! We took a lot of pictures of this amazing monument and enjoyed a lot. In Germany, there aren't temples like this so that it was just awesome. Later, we got the chance to get to know how they create the marble like the marble of the Taj Mahal.
Then, we went home to Delhi.

The next week was full of dancing lessons, project work and a lot of free time because of the festival Pooja and Diwali so that everybody celebrated it differently in their own host familys. But our group also was invited to watch a Diwali dance drama were we had the VIP places.

Moreover, the last day - friday - was an amazing and very emotional day. In the morning, we celebrated the farewell party with the whole school of CJM. There, they danced, sang and presented pictures for us. And our German group danced our new Indian dance we learned the two weeks.
In the evening, we went back to school where we (the Indians and the Germans) spent the last time together. We danced to DJ music, ate from the buffet and were all dressed in traditionall Indian clothes.
...And we danced, and we cried, and we lought and had a really, really, really good time...

I am not quite sure how many people took photos of us or how many liters we sweat but I am sure that it was an advanture of our lifes to go there!